Sewer Pipe Scope

Similarly to when you turn 50, your pipes need to be checked. So do the pipes on your house that has turned 50 years old. Getting the sewer inspected is a painless exercise that will give you peace of mind that there are no issues with your sewer. If you did have roots growing into the sewer or a crack, a scope would pin point the issue immediately. The technology used is very simple and can give you a great view of the problem. The scope can also flag the problem area with the RFID chip in the lens that sends out a signal that can be read by a hand held wand to know the depth of the camera and giving you the ability to get the problem fixed without digging up the whole length of the pipe.

When we sold a 54 year old home in Seattle, the home inspector recommended a sewer scope inspection. We found a great company to perform the inspection that were easy to schedule, on time and reasonably inexpensive. We also chose a company that does not do the repairs so they remain unbiased about the issues.

We will give our recommendation to Seattle Sewer Inspection that can be contacted at

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