Deferred Maintenance on Your Home

Delayed maintenance – good or bad?

What we have discovered is that delayed maintenance is usually bad. It can get out of control quickly, and before you know it, it can cost you a fortune.

When people buy a new construction home, they think that they don’t have to do any maintenance for the first 5 or so years. Well, that just isn’t true. The gutters need to be cleaned (especially if you live in a highly tree’d area), the deck should be kept clear to make sure the caulking has not shrunk and left openings for water to get in. Plants and bushes need to be trimmed to they don’t touch the house and allow rats to get into the ceiling or crawlspace. Mold can even get into these same damp spaces.

Spending $400 now on preventative maintenance can save you thousands later. Here are a few examples:

Having your gutters cleaned every year can prevent:

  • Overflowing gutters
  • Wood rot where beams have become wet and stayed wet
  • Gutters falling off and bending if they are too heavy
  • Water getting under the roof caused by overflowing gutters

Clear moss off the roof. Moss can cause the corners of composite shingles to lift and let water in under the shingle and moss can also cause the water to pool and soak in.

Keeping your deck clear so you can apply sealer every couple years. Seeds can also get stuck in the cracks of your deck and can promote wood rot. Standing water on your deck can also promote slippery patches that could cost you a nasty fall.

Regular furnace servicing is important like replacing the air filter every 3 months during the winter to keep airflow healthy by reducing pollen and allergens being circulated in your home. Servicing every year or two will make sure that the furnace is burning efficiently which can save you money.

The crawlspace can be a big expense when you sell your home as it is often forgotten about. You want to be sure it is clean and dry and if not, fix the problem immediately. If you do have moisture it will be a breeding ground for mold so you want to be sure to get a vapor barrier at the correct thickness. You also want to eliminate any wood, cardboard or junk in the crawlspace. If a rat or any could eat it, it should not be there. Also, be sure the vents are open and critter guards are in place. If vents are blocked or broken it will cause poor circulation which is the biggest cause of mold. Mold is not your friend, it can make you sick and deter many potential buyers from having interest in your home.

We highly recommend that you pay the money to maintain your home now, so you don’t have to pay the big bucks later. If you need a referral for a contractor to help with any issue you may have, please reach out. We have a list of our preferred vendors that we would love to provide you with.

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