Home Buying Strategies for a HOT Market!

Hi, Alan Withers here and Tasha and I been doing some thinking. Many of our buyers are having to make offers on many more homes than usual and are frustrated because they want to sell their home in this great market, but don’t have a home purchase ready. We may have a solution for you.

Especially in the downtown Seattle area, many apartments are offering move in deals and discounts as they have a higher vacancy rate currently. While many people are moving out of the downtown metro areas because they are working from home and don’t need to be in offices daily, there are some perfectly lovely apartments, condos and more at great prices offering lots of amenities normally taken by the employees of the major business players in the area.

You can really take advantage of getting the most from your home by selling now and moving to an apartment, even temporarily, until the market slows, more inventory is added, and you are able to find and get into the home of your dreams.

Please reach out to us if you feel like this might be an ideal situation for you. We can provide a market analysis on your home to tell you what it is worth in the current market, help you determine whether this may be a good fit for you and answer any additional real estate questions you may have.

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