What are the top items to do before listing my home?

Matterport doll house

What a great question to ask. So many people believe that they need to completely remodel. That is so far from the truth.

There are a few assumptions we make:

  • Your house is reasonably tidy so that people can view it without tripping on your laundry
  • You have de-cluttered and removed all your personal photos and precious items
  • Lock up and jewelry and medications
  • All appliances that go with the house need to be working.

Now that the basics are out of the way. Here are a few items that can bring you extra money:

  • Remodeling the bathrooms and kitchen are always your best options. Will you get a good return on investment? Well that depends, if you got the quality and  amount you spent. It is always best to ask us to do an analysis of your house before spending lots of money.
  • Roof replacement – having a new roof is a great selling point. Only replace the roof if it has less than 5 years of life left.
  • New windows- if you have pre 1980 windows it might be a good idea to refresh them. Don’t get ripped off by the window companies. Call us for recommendations of contractors that are good at this.
  • Paint- yes, paint is the best bang for your buck. Consider washing the outside before investing in painting it. Only paint the outside if it is 100% necessary. It is always the best to refresh the inside paint. Remember the ceilings, you will not believe the difference that can make.
  • Street appeal. When someone drives up, the house looking good from the outside is important. Trim the bushes, cut the lawn, wash away the spider webs. Pressure wash the walkway. Make sure the door is clean.

Now the items that you should do if you are vacating the house. Not if you are going to live there and show it:

  • Carpet – if it needs stretching or is worn, replace it. Remember to use a neutral color. If you are still living in the house do not replace the carpet. If it is in good shape and under 5 years old just have it professionally steam cleaned (do not use those supermarket cleaners they put too much water into the carpet)
  • Refinishing hardwood floors. This could be hard if you are living in the house but really looks good and will make the house look new.
  • Painting the garage floor- only do this if you are not going to be living in the house and have removed everything. It is a simple process with the correct epoxy paint and flake. Makes the garage look new and fresh for under $200.
  • Make sure all the holes in the walls are filled and appropriately color matched.

Let us advise you before you spend money that will give you no return on investment. We can come up with a timeline together, get you the correct contractors for the job and get the most money for your house.

Give us a call today.

Alan & Tasha 425-503-5901

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