Tulips In April

A popular day trip from the Seattle area is a drive up north to see the tulip farms. Each April the Skagit valley comes alive with color at the annual Tulipfestival.  The Roozengaarde farm has a long history in the area. A stop at their flower display is well worth your time. You can get some lunch and buy some cut tulips or order bulbs for your yard.  If you are tired from househunting, take a drive to the Skagit Valley. Looking at properties and deciding on a wise investment can make you feel so tired. So take a break to enjoy this feast for the eyes. If you are thinking of listing your property for sale, our clients plant tulip and daffodil bulbs in the fall to bloom in the spring time. This way of improving your properties street appeal will add to your return on investment. Remember that our squirrels like to eat tulip bulbs so plant daffodils in between as they don’t find those so tasty.

Contact Alan or Tasha at the WithersTeam of Keller Williams Bothell if you are thinking about moving. We would love to help you find a new home, come help you prepare to sell by giving you a priority list to shine up your house and yard.  We are also happy to give you an estimate of sale price, cost of sale and an update on the current market and what to expect in the process of selling in terms of length of time on the market, delay of offer review date, choosing the best offer and how we help you make sure you stay out of legal trouble and protect you with our knowledge of potential lawsuits.  Lets meet to talk with no obligation. It’s part of our business to give information and know that you may interview several brokers and you should as this is a large investment often the largest investment for most people.  We begin talking to folks a year or two years before they make a move. This is the best thing to do so you can plan ahead, make repairs or upgrades that will bring you the most return on investment for your listing sale.

Tulips in spring.

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