Bothell Downtown is really Humming!

This little town in the NW has really developed into a thriving area. The downtown area was very sad a few years back then all of  sudden McMenamins came to town. They transformed a dump of a government building into a successful hotel, pubs and restaurants. Their magic touch has really brought this sleepy , dead downtown area alive. There are now new buildings popping up all the time. The area has transformed into a great place to hang out for an evening. The Main street has also stopped traffic and allowed the more established restaurants to survive during this Covid time. After the city botched the renewing of Main St by creating curb hazard parking, or should I say diminished parking. Their stupid design works better for a closed street.

The historic Bothell landing has also been updated with a new bridge to the other side and home to a huge chicken population along the river. I just hope we can get out Thursday concerts back soon.

Bothell Downtown

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