Time for Smarter Home Security

As smart devices become more and more common, it’s no surprise to find homeowners have opted to upgrade thermostats, and replace lights with smart LED bulbs. While gadgets like these and the virtual assistants like Alexa, Echo and Google home are helping make homes smarter, these aren’t the only ways. There are a variety of sensors and smart devices that can make your daily life more convenient including several smart security devices that can make your home more safe and secure.

Smart Home Security

Traditionally, there have been two ways to keep your home secure; buying and installing static items like deadbolts, and reinforced door jams that make it harder for people to break in, or to install an externally monitored security system that you pay a monthly or yearly fee for. With the rise in smart technology now there is a third option. A number of security focused smart devices are available that work together to improve the overall security of your home and can send alerts about suspicious activity around your home. While these devices may still be linked to external monitoring services, many of them provide pretty good security without the need for ongoing subscriptions and fees.

Cameras and Motion Detection

One of the more popular options for home security comes in the form of smart cameras and other monitors you can install around the home. The cameras typically provide HD-quality video and many feature tracking to follow potential invaders as they move so you can have a clear picture of what is happening in and around your home. To save power, these devices can be combined with motion detection which allows them to turn on when they sense movement. Many are advanced enough even to distinguish when a pet or something is blowing in the wind to not set them off. Once the camera is recording, you will receive an alert so you can view the video in real time and take action as needed.

Intrusion Sensors

Motion detectors aren’t the only smart devices that can improve your home security. Smart locks, door sensors and window monitors can tell you remotely whether your doors are locked, unlocked, open or closed. In many cases, you can even trigger the locks remotely to lock a door you may have forgotten about when leaving the house. Should a window or door be forced open or broken, the sensors can alert you and also send notices to other components in your home such as cameras or an alarm panel.

Smart Doorbells

Another popular security add on is the smart doorbell. They typically contain a camera, alerting you when someone approaches, and intercoms so you can converse with the person at the door without opening it. Video clips are saved for easy access and because of the eyes-front view of the doorbell they can be great tools for identifying package thieves and other people who shouldn’t be approaching your porch.

Total Security Systems

While you can get a number of individual components for you to build your own security setup, full smart security systems are available on the market too. Not only do these provide you with multiple smart devices that convey the benefits previously discussed, but also tie them all together with a central alarm panel that that provides monitoring and the ability to call the police if needed.

Securing Your Home

There are lots of options to improve your home security with connected smart devices. Picking the right option for you and installing it all correctly can be overwhelming. Fortunately we are here to help. We can let you know our favorite devices as well as any recommendations for contractors you need to get your devices installed. Please reach out and let us know how we can be of best service for you.

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