Small Bathroom Changes Make Big Impacts

Though no one seems to like a small bathroom, most homes have them. If you live in a home where the bathroom makes you feel claustrophobic, you might think the only changes to help your situation must be big and costly. This isn’t necessarily the case. There are many small changes that you can make that make the bathroom not only seem bigger but possibly even give you more space to work with.

Some of these options will be a matter of personal taste and you will have to make sure that it will work with your own style preferences. With that said, even one or two of these suggestions you may be surprised at how big of a difference they can make in the bathroom, all without having to take down a wall or anything.

Change the Look

The first thing to do is stop and take a good look at your bathroom. Are the walls dark, or maybe an unappealing color that was popular in the 1970s? Does your lighting cast a dull or yellowish hue over everything or cast big shadows? Did someone decide that the bathroom was a good place for carpeting? Just the look of your bathroom can have a big effect on how open (or not) it appears, and in most cases, make the bathroom seem smaller or more unpleasant than it really is.

Some options for fixing this include adding mirrors, painting or adding wallpaper to cover up dark or dingy walls, and replacing light fixtures with something that gives more illumination. Try painting one wall with a different complementary color as an accent. Choose wallpaper with repeating patterns but with ample space between the repetitions. Paint your cabinets or add light-colored veneer to help lighten the space. The lighter and more inviting the bathroom is, the larger it will seem.

Revamp Your Storage

Another thing that can make a bathroom feel small is clutter. If every surface is filled with soaps and styling products, it will trigger a part of your brain that doesn’t like crowded space every time you enter the room. This is where good storage can come into play, since it will give you space to store small items and medicines and you wont have to shove everything into an unorganized mess in the closet.

Consider rotating storage (think lazy susan) or under shelf racks to make organizing easier. A high shelf with a towel track underneath can allow you to move towels from your cabinets and closer to the shower or bath without taking up floor space. A multi-panel medicine cabinet is also great for storing your little things while also adding mirrors to the space. Once the clutter is gone from the surfaces you will be surprised at how much more open the space seems.

If you are interested in making a change to your small bathroom, don’t hesitate to reach out. We would love to help you with suggestions of what to do and can provide referrals to contractors that can help out with any of your bigger projects.

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