Current Tile Trends

While many decor trends seem to come and go, tile has the tendency to stay popular. Offering strength and beauty while adding texture, pattern or color make tile a very versatile (no pun intended) decor solution. Useful on both floors and walls, fairly complex looks can be achieved with relatively simple materials. While tile is timeless, it is still subject to the latest styles, so here are a few of the currently popular design trends.

Neutrals Are In

Over the years, tile styles have come in just about every color imaginable. Deep browns and light tans shared time in the spotlight while every few years it seems monochromatic and grayscale palettes come back to prominence. Sometimes bold and bright colors are on trend though the mood of the moment seems to be trending toward neutral colors. Tans, grays and greens have been especially popular in recent years.

The key to the popularity of these tiles seems to rely on how well these neutral colors compliment a varying range of design styles. Soft greens pair well with green, blue and even brown shades in the kitchen, bathroom and other rooms that tile is common. While these colors might be the most popular at the moment, other neutral shades such as soft yellows, creams and even pinks and blues are finding their way into more homes as the trend continues.

Hexagons are Hot

Most tiles come in a variation of a square or rectangle, even those with bold and vivid designs are typically made in a square shape allowing them to be arranged easily. Hexagons may be finding its way onto the scene because as well as creating a bold statement with its different shape, it is still easily repeatable for a sweeping pattern.

Hexagonal title is now available in a wide range of options including the classic glossy tile, marbled, matte finish, and some with images that repeat over the tiles. Some layouts even use different size hexagons to create an even more complex pattern. A pattern including hexagons with two longer sides can make quite a statement or mixing those with square tiles can give you an endless amount of variety in your options.

Tile Textures

While tile has gone hand in hand with complex design work, many of the emerging trends seem to be pulling back on the big and bold patterns. At the same time, tiles are starting to add subtlety to design with the use of texture making up for the lack of design complexity. The texture gives the tiles a more 3D look and plays with the light and shadow to add subtle depth without the need for a wide range of tiles. This texture can mimic the look of natural stone, create flecked patterns on the tile or even create ridges and waves that travel from one tile to the next. These tiles are redefining what people think of for wall and floor coverings.

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