Find Your Stuff with Smart Tags

If you’re anything like me, you set your phone or keys down in a different place everyday and forget where that place is when you need them next. There are lots of moving parts and pieces in life that make it easy to misplace. And since not everything has a “find my phone” feature on it, this can make finding things challenging, until now.

With the invention of smart tags, it is possible to locate missing items around the home and can even help in a theft or loss while you’re out and about. The specific features depend on the brand, but regardless you will find many of them universal.

How do they work?

Smart tags are small, battery powered devices that connect to your phone, or other smart devices. When you are looking for something with a tag, such as your keys, the app can show the location on your smartphone or sometimes cause the device to make a noise to help you locate it. Even items that are out of bluetooth range can be tracked as many of them also have a GPS feature, and even those that don’t will show the last location it was connected so you can have a starting point of where to look.

Depending on the model and manufacturer, there can be different ways to attach smart tags to your items. Some are designed to attach to a keyring, carabiner clip or similar, while others use adhesive backings to objects. Specialized holders for smart tags can also be used to customize your experience and track your important things in life.

Using smart tags in the home

There are a wide variety of items that can use smart tags around the home. Attaching a tag to your keys seems like a no-brainer saving you time searching for things you’ll need when you may already be running late. Tablets, wireless home phones, remotes and purses can also be a good candidates for smart tag use. Wallets with smart tag holders or custom holders shaped like credit cards that can make them much easier to find.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to finding uses for smart tags. Small tags can be used for things like screwdrivers, hammers or other frequently used tools around the home. Beloved toys can also get a tag giving you reassurance that it isn’t left behind when traveling or visiting others. You can even attach one to your phone in case it is misplaced or on certain models, you can double tap a tag that will make your phone ring to help you locate it. The only limit to the usefulness of a tag is your imagination.

Using smart tags can ensure that items are easy to find and put back where they belong. You can even use this as a part of a larger organizational strategy setting up specific places for things and tagging them accordingly.

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