Uses for Seemingly Useless Space

Many areas around a home can seem useless or wasted space. Some of these might include space below a staircase or a partial dividing wall, nooks or alcoves created by the homes design. You might not think about all of those areas but if you don’t consider them for a moment, you might be missing some serious opportunities. With some basic creativity, you could change that all for the better.

The blank wall around a doorway doesn’t have to stay empty and the space under the stairs doesn’t have to be just for stowing away wizard boys. There are a number of ways you can revamp these spaces to make your home more functional and fun in the process.

Surfaces and Seating

Look around for those nooks and crannies that just seem like empty space. It’s fairly simple to add seating, built in desks or shelving in many of these spaces to make them more functional. Some open foyer space could house benches that can store shoes underneath and make a great spot for taking them off and on. A little alcove can make a great spot for a desk or work station for homework, bill paying, writing or even a spot to have a quick bite. A largely unused corner can house a chaise or part of a sectional couch can make a great private spot for reading or to relax.

Storage and Organization

Some of these small spaces can be great places to add storage solutions to your home. Shelves and cabinets easily transform empty walls, even in the small spaces around doorways or in closets. Drawers can also be great additions as well as sliding cabinet racks that can pull out but slide fully back into the wall.

If your kitchen has a small dividing wall separating it from other rooms, consider a built-in wine rack to hold a few favorite bottles. A pull-out vertical cabinet next to a sink or stove can be great for storing cutting boards or spices. Bookcases are easy to install and can make an ideal built-in pantry in an unused space. Details like this can really liven up a home as well as reducing clutter making everything seem a bit more organized.

Once you start looking with fresh eyes, you may be surprised at how many spaces in your home you can find to take on a project like these. Don’t overlook the outside of your home or a garage space either. While some projects will require more work, many simple modifications can go a long way.

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