Curb Appeal to Last Through the Winter

When most people talk about curb appeal, at least some of what they are talking about involves landscaping and other greenery to make the home look more inviting. It’s pretty easy in the spring and summer months and even into the fall when there are many plants in bloom. When the icy temperatures of winter sneak in, much of landscaping and greenery options are taken away until spring rolls around again, so much that it has become almost acceptable to completely abandon all curb appeal efforts once the days grow short and temperature drops.

There are plenty of ways to make your home seem warm and appealing throughout the year, making it a place that your family and friends really want to visit. If you want to increase your home’s curb appeal throughout the winter, here are a few things to keep in mind to help you with with that.

Make Your Porch Stand Out

One way to significantly improve your curb appeal during the winter is to make your porch stand out to draw the attention of the visitors. The most basic way to accomplish this can be with a good use of color. Add some red to your front door by painting the door, trim or adding red decorations since red really draws the eye and puts the attention of the visitor on the entry of your home. Tasteful and colorful statues or decorations can also draw the eye and make your home stand out from the rest. Adding a colorful wreath over the holiday season, a seasonally appropriate decorative flag or another statement piece can make a big impact.

Replacing your old, worn out house number can make an impact too. Use large, easy to read numbers, those that are 6 inches or taller and for the most bang, ideally use plastic or metal numbers instead of stickers or decals to give it some depth. And make sure the number is close enough to the light source so it can be easily read.

Using Decorations

There are many holidays that come up over the winter months so there should be no lack of opportunities to decorate if you want to. Keep decorations tasteful and avoid clutter so you will always have something to create a visually appealing look for your home. Avoiding overly large decorations that block the view of your porch and choosing lighting options that compliment the colors of the house or porch will help pull everything together.

If you don’t feel like decorating for the different holidays try something neutral like adding mirrored orbs or other reflective ornaments in spaces where your greenery may have previously stood out. This will create visual appeal without the lush greens that were previously used. Other decorations such as a decorative lamp post, lighting, statues or even a revamped mailbox can help carry the weight of curb appeal until the greenery comes back in the spring.

Winter Curb Appeal

Maximizing your curb appeal can be a challenge but not impossible with some planning. If you aren’t sure how to tackle it on your own or would like some better ideas please reach out. We can connect you with a landscaping or decorating pro to help answer any questions you might have. We want to be your real estate resource for life.

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