Pantone Color of the Year 2022

Whether or not you are aware of it, many paint companies choose colors each year that they thinks will be hot in the coming year. Most of these companies seem to think that shades of green will be an overwhelming favorite in 2022 with almost every company choosing some green hue as their top choice or as part of their overall range of choices. Green is so well represented it seems only one major company is not in alignment with the green trend.

Pantone Color Institute, the company that manages color standards broke away from the pack this year with a significantly different choice for their color of the year. Before we reveal what that color is, let’s take into consideration the choices from the other companies that you will likely hear of, to fully appreciate just how big of a break from the industry that this Pantone choice really is.

Something in a Shade of Green

Usually, paint companies offer a pretty wide range of shades when it comes to choosing color of the year options. It is actually fairly rare consensus that most of the big players are choosing neutral shades of green. Take a peek at this list of more than a few companies and their selections:

  • Benjamin Moore: October Mist – a light green with touches of grey and yellow
  • Sherwin-Williams: Evergreen Fog – a soft green close to olive
  • PPG: Olive Sprig – another soft green with a hint of yellow
  • Behr: Breezeway – a soft light green
  • Dutch Boy: Cypress Garden – a somewhat stronger green
  • Glidden: Guacamole – another strong green with a hint of yellow undertone

Other popular companies such as Valspar and Dunn-Edwards offered up multiple color options both included green shades.

Pantone’s Color of the Year

With green being so well represented by other companies, you may have expected Pantone to follow suit, however this was not the case. Pantone’s selection for 2022 is a periwinkle type blue called Very Peri. It is a pretty well rounded periwinkle shade, falling in between blue and purple without being overwhelmingly either.

According to Pantone, the color was chosen because of how well it reflects the changes that the world is currently going through. Their Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman stated that the classic blue color with violet-red undertones “displays a spritely, joyous attitude and a dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expression.” It’s a cool calming color and could be used in just about any room of a home’s interior as well as the exterior.

Using These Color Choices in Your Home

Whether you’re interested in one of the green options offered by many of the paint companies or in Pantone’s Very Peri pick, there are many ways you can use these colors in your home. They can be accents in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens or even door and shutter colors. Use them to coat an island or another large furniture piece to really make them pop. They may need other colors or some strong woodgrains to add some warmth or contrast but if you do your homework to find the right shades then your color combos will keep people talking.

If you need any help with color selection or even getting to the painting, please reach out. We can help with interior designers and painters to help you achieve the colors of your dreams. We hope to be your real estate resource for life.

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