Looking to Add a Home Gym?

Winter and early spring are typically good times for construction projects around the house. Not only are materials typically cheaper due to less demand, but some labor costs may be reduced as well for the same reasons. Some homeowners take this opportunity to look for add-on projects or major remodels to undertake so they can take advantage of these lower prices and quicker project starts.

One project that has gained popularity in recent years is the addition of a home gym. Sometimes this includes converting unused basement space or part of a garage that gives you an area for a wide range of workouts. You may have considered adding a home gym yourself whether a room conversion, exterior building or an add-on. Here are a few of the basics to determine whether this is the year you should let those workout dreams come true.

Home Gym Basics

When you think of a home gym you might think of a big space with large, bulky equipment and mirrors hanging everywhere. That might sound intimidating to accomplish but that’s likely much more than you need. Having such an over the top gym space could also make your home harder to sell in the future since it has such a specialized space. This is why most home gyms are much simpler requiring only a few things to make them functional.

The basic needs of a home gyms include floor space, good ventilation, some storage areas and access to electricity. In a pinch, a small shed or corner of a room with some storage totes and foam padding on the floor could work if you are not opting for a full-room conversion.

Designing a Gym

If you want to covert a room into a home gym, start by adding some impact-absorbing foam panels or similar on the floor where much of your workouts will happen. Plan where you are going to place treadmills or other equipment you will need to plug-in to see if there are outlets nearby; if not you will want to call an electrician. You’ll want a place to store exercise equipment in cabinets or totes and maybe even a laundry basket for dirty towels to keep the sweat contained. For ventilation, you want a room connected to your heat and air system or have fans and windows to leverage to circulate the air around.

If you want something smaller, take these basics and scale them down. Instead of plotting a full-room floor plan, arrange your storage solutions along the wall leading to a corner. A small TV can also help you access exercise videos and other content to help you with your workouts. A standing fan can help with ventilation and so long as you make good use of your storage, you would be pretty much good to go. Even with minimal changes to your house, this could be an effective workout area.

Building Your Home Gym

This project can be as big or small as you need it to be. Even with relatively simple plans, you may still have needs for a contractor of some kind or even a decorator to help you layout a small space. Fortunately we are here to help. We want to help you find the professional you need no matter how big or small the job. We have access to contractors of all types and would love to connect you. We aim to be your real estate resource for life. Give us a call whenever we can help with guidance or our network of connections.

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