Do’s and Don’ts of Home Trends

Home decoration trends come and go over the years, some look pretty nice and be more of a timeless look, while others… well, it can be pretty easy to understand why they are only temporary trends. Like them or hate them, following home trends can sometimes have a positive impact on your home if you are looking to sell, if you strike while the iron is hot. If you aren’t looking to sell at the moment but like how a trend looks, you may want to take into consideration how it could affect your home’s value down the road when you do decide to sell later.

Home Trend Do’s

There is nothing wrong with following home trends, either to bump up the value of your home in the current market or just because you like the look of them. If you want to make some changes based on a current trend, here are a few things to think about:

  • Evaluate the cost of a trend before jumping all in; some are surprisingly cost effective, while others may give you a bit of sticker shock.
  • Keep an eye on trending paint colors and the “hot colors” that paint manufacturers announce every year (see 2022’s color of the year Veri Peri) so your home can stay trendy without you having to pay a premium for trendy colors.
  • Pick and choose the trends you want to follow and take only the parts that you like if you’re not committed to the entirety of a trend.

Don’t be afraid to make some changes and upgrades in a trendy styles, but don’t go overboard with it. This is especially true if you’re just looking to make some trendy home improvements before you sell your home.

Home Trend Don’ts

Some trends can really bring up the value of your home if you catch them at the peak of their popularity, but if you aren’t that lucky, then they can cost you the money in the end. There are the trends that you should avoid unless you really like them. Here are a few things to look out for when considering home trends:

  • Avoid trends that require major structural changes or construction merely for aesthetic purposes
  • The overuse of bright, bold colors occasionally comes into fashion but will almost certainly go out just as quickly
  • Unless it’s just a minor expense, stay away from the trends that you just don’t “get” because there’s a decent chance that you’ll implement it incorrectly or miss the height of its popularity and not even realize it
  • Even if it’s popular, watch out for trends that will be difficult for future homeowners to undo; potential buyers might see your trendy changes and start wondering how much it will cost to change them, and that could potentially spoil the sale

Basically, trends can be fun. Think twice about them though, if they’re going to be too expensive, create too many headaches for future homeowners, or likely to come across as garish or ugly.

Cashing In on Home Trends

If you do want to make some home improvements or other changes to follow certain trends, it’s important that you find the right pro for the job. Whether you need an interior designer, a painter, or even a plumber to help you follow a new fountain trend, you don’t want to pay more than you have to. We can help you with this. We have plenty of contractors and would love to help you get all your dream projects finished. We are here to be your real estate resource for life.

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