How to Maximize Your Closet Space Without a Renovation

When space is at a premium at home, utilizing every inch of space counts, This holds especially true in a snug closet, where proper organization can mean the difference between a calm morning and clothing chaos. But, fear not, the boutique worth display is still within reach with a few small closet organization ideas and some streamlined organizers. These ideas are great for any space you call home, but you’ll finally have the space to breathe a sigh of relief if you have a bitsy studio or starter home to call yours.

  • Use Dividers On Shelves – If you’ve ever stored sweaters or sweatshirts on the top shelf, you’ve noticed them looking like the leaning tower of Piza. Enter shelf dividers. They slide onto your shelf and act as a barrier between stacks and you can use as many as you need and space them as far apart as you need.
  • Use Floating Space – You can add an additional layer of shelving with sturdy fabric shelves or drawers to the underside of existing metal or wire shelves. These are great for stashing socks or underwear in a small closet.
  • Double Your Hanging Space – If you use your closet mostly for hanging shirts, jackets and blouses, you’ve probably found yourself with a good amount of space below your standard clothing rod that is going to waste. Get an adjustable rod that can add an additional layer of hanging space in your closet.
  • Utilize the Back of Your Door – The backs of closet doors are classic untapped real estate and to make the most of the space, invest in the right organizer. Look for a sturdy piece that can easily house your go-to accessories such as hats, scarves or shoes.
  • Streamline Your Hangers – Mismatched hangers can actually add a good deal of unexpected bulk to a small closet, not to mention making things look more haphazard. Splurging on a set of slim, streamlined hangers for a closet makeover that will make your whole wardrobe feel fresh.
  • Stack Your Shoes – Shoe racks are great in theory, but they can easily hide your favorite styles and appear a bit messy. Instead, consider stacking a bunch of acrylic shoe boxes to house your beloved collection. Designs with drawers are even better, as they’ll allow you to remove and replace the pair inside without unstacking an entire tower.
  • Add a Small Dresser – If your closet is deep but potentially narrow, tucking a dresser inside can be an unexpected and brilliant way to double your storage. There are plenty of compact styles that can be just over 2 feet wide, lending you the flexibility to stash pants, undergarments and more.
  • Add Categories – A set of clothing categorizers that labels sections for shirts, pants and dresses can help you assemble an outfit quickly. Typically seen in closets of babies and toddlers, they are useful for basically anyone with a wardrobe and can be a great way to achieve at-a-glance organization.
  • Maximize Hanging Storage – To multiply the number of button-downs and blouses a small closet can hold, invest in closet hangers that can hang multiple shirts in each spot when one side is hung.
  • Vacuum Seal Out of Season Clothes – Small closet owners know the pain if having to switch out their wardrobe seasonally. It’s an annoying but necessary task. Look for vacuum seal bags that can hold two or three times their volume – waterproof or bug-proof styles are an added plus.
  • Install a Coat Rack – Traditionally seen in entryways, coatracks can be quite useful in a small closet too. Whether to corral scarves or belts, they can be used in endless ways. Accordion styles can be flexed as long or short as your space allows as well.
  • Try a Rolling Cart – If you store your makeup, hair care products in your closet, a slim rolling cart can be easily moved in and out of your closet and room as needed to streamline your morning routine.
  • Use Shower Curtain Hooks – If you prefer to store your pants by hanging them up, a shower curtain S-hook can be hung by the belt hook on your clothing rod similar to what’s often done in store displays.
  • Fold Like a Pro – If you’ve worked in retail you know the invaluable skill of proper folding technique. You can snag a folding board to make quick work of laundry day and keep things looking neat and tidy and it could be the difference between putting 5 or 15 shirts in a pile.
  • Corral in Baskets – If a strict organizational scheme isn’t quite your style, you can still lend the illusion of tidiness to your closet with a few strategically placed baskets. Plop them on a shelf or use them to corral different types of shoes on the floor of your closet.
  • Hang Your Pants in Tiers – Tiered hangers are one of the greatest inventions if the 21st century. With the width of one hanger, they can hold several pairs of pants, ensuring your closet stays prim and proper.
  • Keep a Donation Bin Nearby – Part of the difficulty in achieving an organized closet stems from hanging onto clothes that no longer serve you. To help wrangle pieces that have paid their dues, put a small basket in your closet (or nearby) so you can set them aside the moment you’re ready to move on. This collapsible hamper can be stowed away when you don’t have any donations to collect.
  • Flexible Shelving – If your closet doesn’t already boast shelving, you could be missing out on a helpful way to streamline your space. Adding a few of your own doesn’t have to involve a weekend DIY. Some have the ability to expand to fit the width of your closet and watch your available storage space double instantly.
  • Buy a Valet Rod – If you like to lay out your outfit the night before, you should invest in a valet rod. Installing one in the corner of your closet that has the ability to fold up or down can be a great way to keep outfits together so getting ready is a breeze.
  • When in Doubt, Fake It – Anyone who has called a small studio apartment home knows that sometimes closets don’t exist in a small space. If that’s the hand you’ve been dealt, turn to a comprehensive clothing rack to act as your closet instead. The ideal piece will have a variety of ways to store your clothes (rods and shelves) plus a spot for accessories like shoes.

If you are looking for a closet renovation, let us know and we would be happy to recommend our great contractors to help you out. We want to be your real estate resource for all things you may need.

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