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New Paint Over Dark Walls

So you’ve bought a new house or it’s time for a change and the previous paint was, well dark. You told yourself “it’s only paint” as you looked at it or painted it last time. And while it’s true that it is only paint and paint can always be covered, going over dark walls is […]

Upgrading to LEDs

In these darkest days of the year, there is nothing more important than adequate lighting. Unfortunately, firing up those incandescent bulbs costs money, and the more hours they run, the more they cost. Although change can be hard, today’s LED bulbs are better than ever, mimicking traditional bulbs in almost every way but with significant […]

Choosing a Walkway Deicer

As the threat of winter snow and ice increases, many homeowners start stocking up on deicer and other products to try and keep their walkways safe and clear throughout the winter. Not all deicer products are created equal, however, and some can actually do some harm around the home. Not only can some deicing compounds […]

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